Don't Get Crabby,
Get Shopping!

Hi Fellow Crew Member!

It's Addie and Tiffer and we need you to do something difficult, something really tough. You might even call it "death-defying". We need you to go shopping.

You see, if the Sea of Cortez is going to defy death, we need to work together to save it. One way is to boost eco-tourism in the region. Eco-tourism is when people visit a place just to experience how beautiful and wonderful it is. And then they go shopping.

Just follow along with the script from Episode Three ("Don't Get Crabby, Get Shopping!") and click the links you see. Each will give you more information and show you exactly what we learned as we researched this important topic.

If you have any more questions, please, please, please email us (addie@kissea.com or tiffer@kissea.com) and we will personally zap you an answer.

Thanks for watching -- and for reading -- and welcome aboard the voyages of the KiSSEA Crew!

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Episode Three Script

Shopping Saves Sharks
In northern Mexico, the average family makes just $7,700 per year. Jobs in tourism (like being a salesperson at a shop, being crew on a boat, being staff at a hotel, being a server at a restaurant, etc.) are much better jobs than scavenging sharks.
We LOVE San Carlos
San Carlos is a beautiful little place with lots of shopping and lots to do. Sunset Magazine loves San Carlos, too. Click here to read what they say!

Welcome back to the Sea of Cortez! Today we’re going shopping! Gotta run!

Hey, you were supposed to push me in?!

Come on girls! (Addie, Mom and Allie push Tiffer in)
There is so much to do here in the Sea of Cortez. There’s stuff like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, fishing and ... shopping! That’s our secret subject today.

It’s secret because we need your Moms and Dads to bring you down to places like San Carlos. San Carlos is a beautiful little town that loves tourists. And the more tourists who come, the more jobs there will be for FORMER fishermen. That’s right, FORMER fishermen. The real issue in saving the Sea of Cortez is creating jobs in industries that protect the sea. Like tourism.

That’s why I’m being forced to shop today. Like I told my Dad, the more I spend, the more tourism jobs I make and the more the Sea of Cortez is protected. Pretty cool, huh?

San Carlos Ecotours
Snorkel with sea lions! Swim with dolphins! An Ecotour is a GREAT way to help save the Sea of Cortez. Try these links:
Gary's Dive Shop
Los Jitos Ecotours

San Carlos Scuba Diving
Learn to dive in Tucson and then practice what you've learned in beautiful San Carlos. Click here to go to one of Tucson's top dive shops,
The Dive Shop!

And it’s not just shopping. I’m being forced to go sport fishing where we catch and release our fish. Like I told Dad, the more I fish, the more tourism jobs I make and the more the Sea of Cortez is protected. Isn’t saving the Sea of Cortez awesome?

It’s simple to get here, too. There’s a great divided highway almost all the way from Tucson to San Carlos. (For directions and all the details about visas, travel tips, etc. click here.)

And there are beautiful places to stay, like our personal favorite: the Sol y Mar (Sun and Sea) condominiums along the San Carlos golf course. Mom loves their kitchens AND washer-dryers! (Click here to learn all about hotels in San Carlos.)

So, today we we were tourists. Tomorrow? We’re going to teach you to scuba dive. Join us here as part of the KiSSEA crew!

See a Cool Ecopark!
We hope that someday soon someone will develop a cool ecopark along the Sea of Cortez like the Kula Eco Park in Fiji. Click here to visit this park online and make sure you see their video. Bula!

KiSSEA Crew Links!
YOU are the key to Saving the Sea of Cortez! Imagine the power of thousands of students working together to stop this environmental tragedy. Get your class involved! Working in conjunction with marine experts, the Hilldren have created follow-along student workbooks for each episode in six age categories: Pre-school/Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, 3rd and 4th grade, 5th and 6th grade, 7th and 8th grade, and High School. Click here to link to these free, downloadable guides!
Did you know that Addie is a third-degree black belt and former national karate champion? That Tiffer recently saved the life of a woman by reaching into a burning car to help cut her out of the wreckage? That Alden at age 10 just received her Open Water scuba certification? And that Bren at age 8 (along with all of his siblings) has done at least one work project to help the needy every week for the past FIVE years? Click here to read more about the real-life adventures of the KiSSEA crew.
Official KiSSEA Crew shirts, hats, pins, stickers and more are available right now at the KiSSEA Crew Store. Show everyone that you are helping to Save the Seas by grabbing your KiSSEA Crew gear today! A portion of the proceeds goes to the amazing Sonoran Sea Aquarium to help them fund their truly exciting educational efforts. Click here to start shopping!
Rule #1 in Scuba is "Never hold your breath." Rule #2 in Scuba is "Always look good." That's why scuba divers love to share information on the gear they use. If you're a diver -- or would like to be or just look like one -- click here to learn more about the gear (and cool Akona adventure apparel) used by the KiSSEA Crew!
The Hilldren got a chance recently to spend a week on Catalina Island snorkeling and studying the ocean with Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau. Jean-Michel told the Hilldren "Kids can change things, too!" so they got into gear and the KiSSEA Crew was born. Click here to learn more about the amazing Jean-Michel Cousteau!
How do you get out to San Pedro Island in the Sea of Cortez? Where are the best diving spots? Where is the best fishing? Where can you enjoy a moonlight cruise of San Carlos Bay? You'll find all the answers -- plus great tips on where to stay in San Carlos -- by clicking here. Say hi to Gary for us!


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